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2005 Yamaha MT-01 Engine type: 48° V-Twin Displacement: 1670 cc Power: 90 HP Torque: 150 Nm

I don't know if this configuration exists in any car or if anyone on here has created one. But anyway, this V12 has...

2007 Moto Guzzi Griso 1200 8V Engine type: 90° V-Twin Displacement: 1151 cc Power: 106 HP Torque: 108 Nm


Rolls-Royce/Bentley L410 (turbocharged) Power: 326 CV Torque: 738 Nm Aspiration: turbocharged Application: Roll...

Built using one of the prototype engines from my 1590 Hyperduke as it stood out to me. Really sounds like a V10

The already legendary ultra-high-revving 12.000rpm V12 engine from the GMA T.50 Should be largely accurate

S&S Cycle H-Grind Camshaft with 1.43:1 lifters Shovelhead BC Heads Dual Exhaust System (added) Dual Fire ignition ...

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What needs to be said? This engine is extremely dumb. The fact it works at all is nothing short of a miracle. This e...

So i was searching the smallest engine in engine sim at https://catalog.engine-sim.parts/ but i can only find a 50cc ...

Realistic SR20de with correct measurements https://youtu.be/KGpnCS2o15Q *I updated the engine 3 times :)

Decided to make an 8 rotor engine for my first one. Might be a few problems or stuff thats not supposed to be there, ...

What have I created. A tiny rotary engine that goes a little higher than 55000 rpm. The deceleration sounds crazy.

funny little engine i made that should be improved and is made with shitty engineering in mind.

y16zr standart

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