BMW E36 M3 | S50B30
by Cor
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A car half the price but just as good, Half the cylinders but sings the same song. That car would be the BMW M3, more specifically in this case the E36 M3. Produced from 1992-1999 this car was a track and street beast, showing up cocky Ferrari owners and loud V8 drivers. A fan favorite among euro car enthusiasts i had to bring the engine to the simulator with the most accuracy i could get! I hope you all enjoy this German slant 6 as much as i did making it. Thanks for all the views and likes as always! Thanks to Archangelmotors for creating the crate engine pack used to make this engine, as well as making the camshafts for this engine!

DM me on discord for custom engine request! Discord username: vz25
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