Arrow Motors "Arbalest" VR9
by Artemis Stiles
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This is a VR9 designed by the fictional automotive manufacturer Arrow Motors. The pioneer of the Arbalest series of VR engines, this 9-cylinder monstrosity of a motor was the beating heart of their Broadhead luxury-sport coupe. With an effective displacement of 5.1 litres (or 312 cui), the Arbalest VR9 had more in common with the small block V8's of it's time than the German V10's that filled the era. Utilizing a primitive mechanical fuel injection system and a twin intake manifold design, the VR9 managed to produce a respectable 346 hp and 305 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. When mated to the 6-speed manual transmission in the Broadhead, it managed to accelerate the large coupe to a top speed of 185 mph, just over the 300 kph barrier, despite the vehicle having a relatively heavy curb weight of 3850 lbs.

Bore: 92 mm

Stroke: 85.5 mm

Power: 346 hp/258 kw @ 6200 rpm

Torque: 305 lb-ft/415 nm @ 5500 rpm

Credit and thanks to Archangel for the engine template and troubleshooting. Credit to oror for the camshaft creation tool utilized. Credit to Edelbrock for the camshaft grind used.

Special thanks to Cor for all the assistance and putting up with my frustration and non-sense.
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