MRP 9A-GE 20V SilverTop ITB's Street Tuned
by Playerindo10
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So i stroke up my 4A-GE from the previous video with MRP 9A-GE Kit, Now it has 83mm Custom MRP Forged Pistons by Traum and Custom MRP 90mm Billet 4340 Crank, MRP 4age 7age Light Weight Flywheel, 145mm Velocity Stacks, Ported Polished Custom Engine Head, Custom Exhaust System with 28inch long Headers, CAT CAMS PERFORMANCE & RACING CAMS 7107316 full race with 290deg/11mm lift and 18deg advance, VVT deleted, Supertech 4age 20v +1mm Valves, Increased Rev limit to 10.000 RPM, Connected to C56 Transmission with C Series Close Ratio Gear Kit TRD, it make 378HP at 8220RPM and 352NM of Torque at 6762RPM running on Regular 92 Gasoline and it revved all the way to 10.000RPM!, i also tweaked the ITB engine sound characteristic a bit i think it sounds better now, i also include the aftermarket parts number i used on the engine in the engine code!
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