1984 Formula Kijang 1.3L 4K (F4)
by Playerindo10
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in this video i tried to make one of the most legendary Historic Motorsport series from Indonesia, this series began in 1984 and ended in 1990 at Circuit Ancol, this series created to fill a gap between karting and F4 or a much cheaper option compared to F4, this series created by the Director of Toyota Astra Motor at the time, Mr. Soemitro Soerachmad. What interesting about this series is they're using the engine that also used in Toyota Kijang 2nd gen which has the 4K 1.3L carbureted engine, which also a cheap and very reliable, the chassis is a F4 chassis imported from Japan and other parts such as undercarriage, Wheels and Tire were locally made that also used in many of vehicle at the time, so its cheap and easy to maintained, and the total weight of this car is about 600Kg, for the spec of the engine itself that were use in this series has almost no data in the internet even the actual running footage of the series even there's no info about the location of the car that were used at the time at this time, idk if they were running stock motor or slightly tuned so here's my guess about the engine spec, 4-1 equal length headers, custom camshaft, Ported head, Custom valve, Lighter flywheel, and Weber 32/36DGV Carb, this engine connected to 5speed K50 transmission with TRD gearset powered the rear wheels it makes 73hp @ 6400rpm and 101nm @ 3100rpm, i also include the parts number on the engine file just for the details lol

import "engine_sim.mr"
import "themes/default.mr"
import "engines/playerindo10/01_1984_Formula_Kijang_4K_GUD.mr"


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