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[Updated on 05 May 2023] This was among the largest piston engines ever successfully produced. Design began in early-1936, and the first engine ran in mid-1937. Development and early application was particularly troubled by catastrophic backfires. Used in a number of World War II era aircraft, the major application of the R-3350 was the Boeing B-29. It continued to give useful service after the war, with one version being the first of its type to have exhaust turbines geared into the power system. The Wright Turbo-Compound Cyclone was the last and the most highly developed piston engine to be widely used in large military and commercial airplanes, and was used in air line service with the Douglas DC-7 and Lockheed Super Constellation. The Wright R-3350-23 powered the Boeing B-29/A/B, RB-29A, and XB-29E aircraft. It also powered the: Consolidated B-32 and TB-32; Boeing XC-97, C-97, and YC-97; and Lockheed C-121A and YC-121B. More R-3350-23/-23A engines were built than any other R-3350 model. Source: https://airandspace.si.edu/collection-objects/wright-cyclone-r-3350-23-670c18ba3-2-row-radial-18-engine-cutaway/nasm_A19490005000

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