90 RPM Idle 17.9L Radial-7
by Avetho
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This giant radial 7, which was me slicing the other 21 cylinders off of my Wasp Major and then tuning to hell and back, I made to idle at just 90 RPM. It dips to 80, sometimes 70 RPM before coming back up again, but I had to tweak loads of things in it. Its safe to assume this engine uses ball bearings instead of normal oiled sleeve bearings given how low the engine friction engine, and I realized the major error in my Wasp Major was me messing up the camshaft order entirely, since after slicing the other three banks off I noticed only the top cylinder was firing with any sense of timing and the exhaust pulses were scrambled apart from one single healthy-ish looking pulse.

import "engine_sim.mr"
import "themes/default.mr"
import "engines/avetho/radial_7_low_idle.mr"


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