Chrysler 392 Hemi V8
by Cor
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From the grumbling depths of American car culture, to the smoky air of the drag strip. I bring to you the Chrysler 392 Hemi, otherwise known as the 6.4L Hemi and known inside the Chrysler company by "Apache". This engine is a long running engine that signals how menacing American cars can be. With a mean face and an aggressive attitude, this engine comes straight out the factory and brought to you! I hope you enjoy using this engine and seeing what it can do. The car simulated is the 2023 Dodge challenger widebody scatpack, transmission is the Tremec TR6060 6-speed manual. I spent a lot of time on this project so i truly do hope you all enjoy it! Thanks for the views and downloads.

Special thanks to Archangelmotors for creating the crate engine pack that was used to make this engine

Special thanks to MaximumQC for competition and motivation

Special thanks to Kwiq for beta testing

Discord username: vz25
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