Ford Modular 4.6L 3V V8
by Cor
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Legacy, specifically the ford mustangs. Terrorizing the streets of the early 2000s was the ford modular series engines, in this case specifically the 4.6 3V…being a fan favorite for American car lovers, i felt that it was necessary i made this engine in the highest quality i could get it too. This engine isn’t liked because of its power, or lack there of. it’s liked because of the mean and aggressive attitude it carries with itself. Sometimes even towards unlucky bystanders. I hope you all enjoy this enjoy as much i enjoyed making it, more will be coming and make sure to check out the other 2 beastly variants after this one!

Thanks for the views and downloads as always ❤️

Huge thanks to Archangelmotors for creating the firing order as well as the crate engine that was used to make the 4.6

Special thanks to supernalboot for troubleshooting and testing

Special thanks to Kwiq for troubleshooting and testing

special thanks to velx for troubleshooting and testing

“It's not just a car, it's a Mustang – the embodiment of speed and style.”

Discord username: vz25
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