Ford Modular 4.6L 3V V8 Mod Engine
by Cor
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For the longest time and still to this day, the 3V is known as “weak” or “fragile” in terms of power, not anymore. This is a variant of the 4.6L 3 Valve ford modular engine that i released, it’s a lightly modded version that is equipped with to spec, comp VSR cams, Bigger injectors, Ignition tune and long tube cobra headers. This thing chops and pops like no tomorrow! Hope you all enjoy it as much as i did testing and creating it.

Thanks for the views and downloads as always ❤️

Huge thanks to Archangelmotors for creating the firing order as well as the crate engine that was used to make the 4.6

Special thanks to supernalboot for troubleshooting and testing

special thanks to kwiq for troubleshooting and testing

“It's not just a car, it's a Mustang – the embodiment of speed and style.”

Discord username: vz25
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import "themes/"
import "engines/cor/Ford Modular 4.6 3V Mod"


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