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Help me fix this engine:(

Taken from Ducati Panigale V4R and changed the piston angle into a Cross Plane:)

A literal X shaped engine:)

Suddenly I want to make a racing boxer engine:P

This is an imaginary touring bike I made myself, so it doesn't actually exist:)

Forget about the specs, see it your yourself.

My second engine that already existed (not very accurate)

This is my fist time building a vehicle that's already existed. It may not be a perfect match but hey:)

I'm not sure if such engines are possible. BUT WHO CARES??!!

First time making a radial engine:)

Power: 756hp (564 kW) @ 20000rpm Torque: 301Nm (222 @ 16326rpm Top Speed: 650 km/h (404mph) (this may not be ...

Power: 735hp (548kW) @ 20000rpm Torque:287Nm ( @ 16310rpm Top Speed: 650kph (404mph) (this may not be correct)

This is the most powerful 150cc made by Suzuki. Enjoy!

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