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Almost spot on hp and torque if i felt like it i would make it more realistic with the torque curve

All specs of the engine are in the engine file

This is the improved version of my Renault F1 V10 This thing SCREAMS to 19500 RPM!!!!

i tuned the engine made by Lioneltrains203 and i hope you guys like the result

This engine is a almost 1:1 replica of the legendary Audi S1 Quattro this thing sounds amazing and makes almost 600 H...

the best sounding engine ive made to date

This is my most realistic engine to date the torque curve is almost spot on to the real thing and it sounds really go...


this is the BONE STOCK 331 Hemi so it doesnt make the crazy 800 hp that modern hemi's make this is a first generation...

This is the improved version with better sound (and it no longer lags!)

yes gm makes Powerstroke they are made by international (updated 5/11/23 added the real transition and vehicle)

This engine is fictional a "what if" engine this is a prototype engine in engine sim. This engine is based on the Bal...

this is just a 608A but its an inline 6 and has no turbo (turbo 606 coming soon) (updated 5/3/2023 improved sound and...

There is a new version of this engine please go download the new version it is much better

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