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This is exactly what this is an ls1 but i chopped off 2 of the cylinders

This is a almost 1:1 ls1 v8 i just cant get the torque curve exact

This is a monster of a motor and the last "high horsepower" V8 befor emissions caused the hp to drop to 190

This is the best diesel engine ive made to date it has realisticish sound at idle and gets accurate fuel economy for ...

I was bored again so i made another cursed engine that somehow works

I was bored so i made this abomination i have no idea how this runs

this is a 42cc inline twin so its extra smol

This thing has an absolute massive cam in it and revs to a ridiculous 10000 rpm (updated 10/13/23 now has a cammed up...

This is the BEST sounding engine I've made and the most realistic engine I've made this SCREAMS to 19000+ rpm and sou...

Thanks to Zeke Affy for getting the sound almost spot on to the real thing i just retuned it to realistic specs for h...

This is not my original work (original code was written originally by Indica, Lioneltrains203 2023 and Oror 2022), ho...

Almost spot on hp and torque if i felt like it i would make it more realistic with the torque curve

All specs of the engine are in the engine file

This is the improved version of my Renault F1 V10 This thing SCREAMS to 19500 RPM!!!!

i tuned the engine made by Lioneltrains203 and i hope you guys like the result

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