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One of the oldest and coolest V8's in the world, bulit for breaking the speed record

Intake sound effect discovered by DDev, not by me. I just wanted to share it. If you want to do it by yourself change...

!!! i am not copied existing version in catalog, this one was done by me week ago, i think it works and looks better ...

Now with really working VVT! (works after 3500 rpm, you can slow mo the sim after 3500, release and press the gas, yo...

VTEC fitted to a 1970~ OHV air cooled V4? Yes!

40hp 1.2 V4 engine from USSR ZAZ-968

Hypotetical 1960 F1 1.5L Flatplane V8, uses some specs from Moskvich GD-1 (USSR F1 bolide)

38 Liters (2300~ cui) 1 cylinder old engine, making 600 rpm at full throttle (i have racing ver that makes 1000 rpm, ...

Very modified 1600 Flat-4 Kafer engine (also 1100 bug engine was the first engine i uploaded here lul), for racing pu...

4 cylinder 1730 CUI engine, made for land speed records Sadly, this one goes only 140 MPH

Toyota 4.6 crossplane V8

Stock VW Bug 1.1 boxer engine, making factory declared power, using factory specs

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