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It took me 2 days to get the right sound also run this at 12000 Khz if you want the best sound makes almost stock hp ...

this engine is bone stock makes 130 HP and not a lot of torque

I just smooshed 2 4A-GE's together and this also has VVT

This thing revs to 16000 rpm and makes 800 HP it has the same firing order as a inline 5 but is a V10

This thing is wacky 2 cylinders fire at the same time it sounds amazing and makes 850 HP at 15500 RPM this thing revs...

makes a little less horse power than stock because of high miles

v10 go brrrrrrrr

This is a completely re done version of this engine made by oror and me so please have fun with this torque monster o...


This engine is out of date please don't download this

this is the stock versionin makes almost the exact hp spec and sounds mean

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